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Domain & Range – Desmos

As I work on writing posts about my previous Desmos activities I wanted to start with this one here on Domain & Range.  I had been looking for an adaptation to the domain & range finder that we made by hand.  I was unsure of how to use Desmos to create this until I saw Mr.… Continue reading Domain & Range – Desmos


Why Teachers Should Have a Twitter Account

I wrestled with the idea of creating a Twitter account for a while. I was unsure how it would work being a young teacher.  I had a personal twitter account in college, but deactivated it during my student teaching.  I first imagined that I would use Twitter to remind students of assignments and occasionally tweet… Continue reading Why Teachers Should Have a Twitter Account


The First Post

I am not sure what to title this post other than by simply stating it is my first post.  With this I hope come understanding and grace. I am not an expert at blogging, writing, teaching, or math.   I hope to growth in my practices as an educator through this blog and to help… Continue reading The First Post