Thanks to many great partners at DonorsChose, you have graciously funded these projects.  Follow these links to see the fruitfulness of your donations

Thank you for checking out Classroom Partners page.  Here you have access to all of the past, current, and future projects for my classroom.  My students and I are very thankful for your support and partnering with us as we learn together.  I have a true passion for teaching and I am constantly thinking of ways that I can improve my teaching and provide the best learning environment for my students.

Check out our DonorsChoose page here.  You can see the current projects as well as all previous funded projects.  I will also keep more details about the funded projects here so that you may continue to see the impact that your partnering has on the students at Northwestern High School.  If you would like to receive e-mail notifications from the blog please subscribe on the right. You will receive notifications for all projects as well as any other post.  My hope is that you would become a part of our learning family.

Completed Projects

Current Projects (direct link to DonorsChoose)

Current Projects (link to website information on current projects)


Talk w. students









Big Ideas for My Classroom – Here are some of my longterm project goals that I hope to accomplish


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