Current Projects

Here are the current projects that we are working on in my classroom.  To read more about the project and how to help click on each project.  Once a project is complete I will update the project and it will move to the completed projects page.  Thank you for your support.

There are currently no open projects on DonorsChoose.  We are in the process of starting our next project.  My students recently completed a “mini-project” where they design their ideal classroom.  Many students wanted to have multiple Promethean Boards in the classroom so that they could see the board on more than one wall.  They like to sit in groups, but it is challenging when they have to turn to see the board.  They also set it would help keep them focused as even if they were to shift in their seats they would still be able to see a board.  In college I had classrooms that had this set up and found it very beneficial.  We are currently researching an affordable solution by looking into IPEVO products.  There is a promising interactive whiteboard solution that will be available in the beginning of June.  We are looking to pair this

Creating a Growth Mindset (Started Aug 3) Fully FUNDED (Aug 7)


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