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Card Sort: Sampling Techniques

I have decided to keep track of all of the Desmos activities that I have created and reflect on how they went in my classes.  I also will post about Desmos activities made by Desmos and other awesome teachers! The first activity is my card sort for sampling techniques for my statistics students.  This lesson… Continue reading Card Sort: Sampling Techniques

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Helping Students Take Ownership of Learning

My Prob & Stats students have been working on Venn Diagrams and set notation for the last few days.  After grading their quizzes yesterday it was clear that my students were in different places and there was no common misconception.  I was planning on testing this Friday so that my students could enjoy the long… Continue reading Helping Students Take Ownership of Learning

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Binomial Probability and Corn hole

After thinking about ways to make our learning and practice with binomial probability interesting and meaningful to my students and falling short each time I remembered an example my professor used in class.  We used binomial probability to determine the probability that a basketball player would make 8 free throws given 10 attempts with a… Continue reading Binomial Probability and Corn hole


Counting Rules and Cookout Milkshakes

I am always trying to find problems that my students want to solve.  As a resident of South Carolina we have the lovely fast food restaurant: Cookout.  Cookout is known for cheap food and their fancy milkshakes.  There are 40 different flavors of a fancy milkshake.  Most people assume that there are 40 different milkshakes that… Continue reading Counting Rules and Cookout Milkshakes