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DIY Mobile Whiteboard

For those of you that do not know, I am obsessed with whiteboards.  I find that they add so much functionally to the classroom, promote collaboration, trial & error, practice and more!  In my previous school I painted all of the student desks into whiteboards.  (Click here to read more)       In college… Continue reading DIY Mobile Whiteboard

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First DonorsChoose Project

My students and I were very excited about our new whiteboard desks, but we had one looming problem.  We needed dry erase markers and lots of them!  It is amazing how fast you can go through a pack of dry erase markers teaching at a board.  Now I had 26 whiteboards for my students to… Continue reading First DonorsChoose Project

Classroom Projects · Goals · Whiteboard Paint

A Simple Innovation – Whiteboard Desk

In my original post about Big Ideas my second goal was to have whiteboard paint everywhere.  I can proudly say that we have made great strides in turning my room in one giant writeable space!  This post is a bit delayed, but over Spring Break I was able to paint all of my desk with IdeaPaint.… Continue reading A Simple Innovation – Whiteboard Desk

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Binomial Probability and Corn hole

After thinking about ways to make our learning and practice with binomial probability interesting and meaningful to my students and falling short each time I remembered an example my professor used in class.  We used binomial probability to determine the probability that a basketball player would make 8 free throws given 10 attempts with a… Continue reading Binomial Probability and Corn hole

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Big Ideas for my Classroom

Every successful person, team, organization, and company has goals.  After weeks of reading and learning I have come to some conclusion for goals for my classroom.  I believe that goals should be challenging and attainable.  The past two weeks I have been encouraged by others at my school to strive to make changes and that… Continue reading Big Ideas for my Classroom