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Personalized Learning – A new adventure

As we enter into a new calendar year and a new semester I am embarking on a new adventure with another teacher in my room.  Our school is starting to taking personalized learning by the horns and offer more personalized learning classes.  Our ultimate goal is to take personalized learning and use my experience with… Continue reading Personalized Learning – A new adventure

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Communicating with Parents

This will be a short post of how I plan to manage and keep track of my parent contact this year.  To get started I have created a Google Form with a link and QR code that will go home with all students on the first day of school to gather parent contact information.  I… Continue reading Communicating with Parents

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Building a Classroom Culture Pt. 1

Today I was a part of Capturing Kids Hearts by the Flippen Group.  I learned so much today that will hopefully make it into some post later on.  For this post I want to start and hope to maintain a running series or different things I do to develop my classroom culture.  One of the… Continue reading Building a Classroom Culture Pt. 1