The First Post

I am not sure what to title this post other than by simply stating it is my first post.  With this I hope come understanding and grace. I am not an expert at blogging, writing, teaching, or math.   I hope to growth in my practices as an educator through this blog and to help others as well.

I am currently in my second semester of teaching.  Right now I am teaching Tech 2 (2nd half of Algebra 1) and Stats CP.  I have to admit that I really do love teaching.  Call my naive and inexperienced, but I love being around the students and having the opportunity to build relationships with students.  With this opportunity comes a great responsibility that my actions in the classroom and my lessons effect the lives of my students.  It is a roller coaster ride at times, but that is the story of life.

I hope that people will enjoy this blog and that is will be a resource.  I will make no promises for this blog other than it will hold my successes and failures or my experience in the classroom and the field of education.  This may be a place where I share my thoughts and many people interact or I may just share with myself.  This blog is an experiment in a sense and I hope that I might be consistent in my postings.  I welcome all feedback, advice, and comments as I hope this get help educators collaborate and share great ideas and the awful ones so that we might learn from one another.


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