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Domain & Range – Desmos

A Desmose discovery based activity to help algebra 1 students learn about domain and range.


Exponential v. Linear Function Card Sort

It has been a very long time since my last post.  I am currently in full swing with my graduate school course at Boise State (Masters in Educational Technology) and I am in the process of becoming ADEPT certified.  I have not had the type of time that I had last year to write my… Continue reading Exponential v. Linear Function Card Sort


Exponential Functions Project – Multiple Representations

To finish our unit on exponential functions in my Tech 2 class I decided to adapt the final project from the linear functions unit.  It is my goal that my students will see how a function can be represented in different ways.  In my class we spend our time focusing on the following representations: scenario,… Continue reading Exponential Functions Project – Multiple Representations