Student Grouping Cards

I’m super excited about these group sorting cards that I just created! I find that when you give students playing cards for groups that they will try to trade to be in certain groups.  To combat this I made my own group sorting cards that help place students into different groups.  Using these cards I… Continue reading Student Grouping Cards

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Communicating with Parents

This will be a short post of how I plan to manage and keep track of my parent contact this year.  To get started I have created a Google Form with a link and QR code that will go home with all students on the first day of school to gather parent contact information.  I… Continue reading Communicating with Parents

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Giving Students Breaks in Class to Increase Engagement

One of the biggest struggles in the classroom is keeping the attention of the students.  With social media and modern technology students are accustomed to being entertained and everything moving quickly. I am not against technology by any means, but I do believe that student’s “needs” to feel connected through technology greats a great challenge… Continue reading Giving Students Breaks in Class to Increase Engagement

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Going Out on a Limb: Classroom Setup

This year I am starting at a new school so when I first walked into my classroom I did not know what to expect.  I did not know about the size of the room, furniture, technology, resources and more.  Needless to say I was ecstatic when I walked in to my room! It was very… Continue reading Going Out on a Limb: Classroom Setup

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DIY Mobile Whiteboard

For those of you that do not know, I am obsessed with whiteboards.  I find that they add so much functionally to the classroom, promote collaboration, trial & error, practice and more!  In my previous school I painted all of the student desks into whiteboards.  (Click here to read more)       In college… Continue reading DIY Mobile Whiteboard

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Building a Classroom Culture Pt. 1

Today I was a part of Capturing Kids Hearts by the Flippen Group.  I learned so much today that will hopefully make it into some post later on.  For this post I want to start and hope to maintain a running series or different things I do to develop my classroom culture.  One of the… Continue reading Building a Classroom Culture Pt. 1

Personal Reflections

Year 2 Reflections

As this school year comes to an end I have been reflecting on this past year.  This year was significantly more challenging than last year.  I struggle in that I do not want to compare my students as they are each unique individuals, but I know that I can learn and grow in the reflecting… Continue reading Year 2 Reflections