Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning: Week 1

Our first week of PL with 2 classes in the same room as come to a close.  We spent the three days that we had together last week getting to know the students and helping the students get to know each other.  Here is a break down of our class sizes:

  • 1st block – 30 honors & 28 CP
  • 2nd block – 26 concepts
  • 3rd block – 18 honors
  • 4th block – 40 CP (2 classes)

It has been a blast getting to know all of these students.  We have spent time doing peer interviews and introducing each other. We took the true colors personality test to learn about each other and how we can best work with one another.  I hope that this will help students have conversations about working with each other and to settle any potential future conflicts.  We also played a game where students walked across the room when they answer to the question was “yes” to create a low-stress environment to learn about classmates and share. All of these pieces came together in a classmate scavenger hunt.

Throughout these days we have also used our Chromebooks to play kahoots and gather data to introduce students to some of the different tools that we will be using.  We have also incorporated randomness and sampling in how the students were placed into groups for each day. We wanted students to experience some probability and statistics as we went through the first days.

The students have loved the room with our different setup and seem excited about the structure of the course. There are some nerves of the unknown, but hopefully as we get started those nerves will go away and our students can start to embrace the structure of this course.

I am very excited about this semester, the opportunity to try this, and most importantly the opportunity to get to know more students.


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