Student Grouping Cards

I’m super excited about these group sorting cards that I just created! I find that when you give students playing cards for groups that they will try to trade to be in certain groups.  To combat this I made my own group sorting cards that help place students into different groups.  Using these cards I can place my students into 7 different arrangements from pairs to groups of 10.  Each card as three different picture/symbols each in a color.  The left is a colored shape, the middle a colored directional arrow, and the right a colored arrow. I also place a number on the card as well.  I am able to tell students to get into groups based on the following

  • shape (5 groups of 6)
  • shape color (3 groups of 10)
  • direction (7 groups of 4)
  • direction color (4 groups of 7)
  • letter (10 groups of 3)
  • letter color (6 groups of 5)
  • shape & color (15 pairs)
  • number (many options – odd, evens, multiples of #, etc)


Here is how I determined what goes on each card.


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