A Letter to Parents About Standards Based Grading

This year I will be implementing Standards Based Grading in all of my courses.  It all started with this tweet:



I adapted it Tyler’s letter to fit my courses and how I will be using standards based grading.  I hope anyone thinking about using standards based grading will find this helpful.  Stay tuned for more posts that will include more detail on the progress reports and calculating a final grade.


6 thoughts on “A Letter to Parents About Standards Based Grading

  1. Tyler and Kristin, it is great to see these moves to SBG and the communication with parents. Kristin why are you translating the standards scores into percentages? Why not just to levels or letter grades? The more we can avoid percentages the better.


    1. Ken,
      My school and district are still using traditional grades. I have been given approval to use SBG, but at the end of the quarter and semester I have to convert back to traditional. This is not ideal, but I believe it is a step in the right direction. My hope is that we will move to letter grades/levels in the future.


      1. When you say “traditional grades” you mean % grades? Where are you located? Maybe you need to get your leaders to read Tom Guskey’s brilliant Sept. 2013 Ed Leadership article “The Case Against Percentage Grades.”


      2. I didn’t realize you had a state mandated scale. You are doing a great job of ‘compensating for the compulsory.’


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