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It’s About Mindset

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Take a minute to think about the some of the most successful people that you know.  Yes, I want you to think of someone and have a name or two ready.  Where does this person fall within the follow scales

       Avoid Challenges                                               Embrace Challenges

       Give up easily                                                    persist in the face of setbacks

       See effort as fruitless or worse                          See effort as the path to mastery

        Ignore useful negative feedback                       Learn from criticism

        Feel threatened by the success of others         Find lesson/inspiration in the success of others

The point here is that most successful people embrace challenges and failure.  Many of my students are afraid to fail and they allow failure to define who they are.  My hope is to help my students learn that the brain is not stagnant.  Our brains have the ability to continue to develop and grow like a muscle.  In order for our muscles to grow we need to work those muscles and push the muscle through a challenge.  It is only after the challenge and fatigue (failure) that the muscle grows stronger.

In this project I am asking for various brain teasers and kinesthetic puzzles to help my students learn how to develop a growth mindset (for more information check out Carol Dweck’s book Mindset).  I will spend time in the beginning of the year teaching my students about how the brain works and how our mindset can help us overcome obstacles and challenges both in school and every day life.  To help my students I want them to be able to try at different puzzles to see and identify which students will continue in a challenge (growth mindset) and which student will not (fixed mindset).  I understand that not all students will enjoy brain teasers so there will be other challenges as well including a Perplexus ball and various physical challenges.

Perplexus Ball
Hanayama Puzzle

Here is a short clip that shows the difference between a growth and fixed mindset in a student.  My hope is that through this unit and community building that students will develop a growth mindset.


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