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First DonorsChoose Project

My students and I were very excited about our new whiteboard desks, but we had one looming problem.  We needed dry erase markers and lots of them!  It is amazing how fast you can go through a pack of dry erase markers teaching at a board.  Now I had 26 whiteboards for my students to write on which means we were going to go through markers like crazy! Even using handheld whiteboards for practice we went through over 100 markers in a few months.

Our Solution

A good friend of mine talked about using DonorsChoose to raise money for a reading rug for her 5th classroom and I thought this would be a great way to get more markers.  (This is much better than asking family for dry erase markers for Christmas – I really did this).

So I started my first DonorsChoose Project.  Getting this set up was very easy.  All I had to do was create an account and the site walked me through the rest:

  1. Create a Project
  2. Shop for items (through a vendor)
  3. Write about the project
  4. Share the project with others

We used DonorsChoose to order $200 worth of dry erase markers.  It was so exciting to see people contribute to this project.  It was fully funded in the first week! I am very thankful for the support from family and friends as well as the monthly donors on DonorsChoose!

IMG_0280                   IMG_0279

Corporate Support

Through Twitter and Facebook I was able to keep people informed about our donation progress.  Using Twitter I was able to reach out to IdeaPaint.

IdeaPaint was not only very supportive in painting the desks, but they donated over 100 markers and cleaning supplies! Here is picture of how helpful and support IdeaPaint was in giving us supplies.

It was a very encouraging first experience with DonorsChoose.  This experience inspired me to create another project.

Read here about how Stephen Colbert helped support our classroom.

 Read here about more complete projects


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