Student Feedback on Teacher

In my short time teaching I have come to realize that I am here for the students.  It is my job to provide an atmosphere where my students feel safe, cared for, and that they can be successful.  I know that my perception of my classroom atmosphere and teaching may be very different that my students perception.  I am not saying that my students know what is necessarily best as many times they may want to take a short cut or the easy way out.  In general though the students do know what they need and want in a classroom to help them learn.  With this in mind I started giving a “teacher progress report.”  This is a list of questions for the students to rank on a scale of 1 (never) – 6 (always).  I use a scale of 1-6 so that they have to either have a negative or positive opinion.  I did the “teacher progress report” a few times last semester, but this semester I will give it to my students every time they receive a progress report or a report card.  This helps hold me accountable and the data will show if I am make changes and improvements.  Now for more details on this:

  • I use a Google Form to collect the data
  • Each question is on a scale from 1-6 with an option comment
  • It is anonymous.  Students have the confidence to provide me with real feedback and be very honest (they are good at this)
  • There is a commendable features comment box
  • There is suggestions for improvement box
  • Google Forms will display all of the data into bar charts which allow me to quickly see how I am doing.

Here is an example of a form that the students fill out.  2nd Block – Teacher Evaluation (3rd Semester) If you would like to know how I created the form or have any suggestions to improve the questions please let me know.  I can share a copy of the form with you on GoogleDrive for you to edit and use.

Below is an example of some of the feedback I have received from my students and my reflections on the data. (Click on a picture for a full screen slide show with my short reflections)

Concluding thoughts: I am constantly looking for ways to improve my teaching and to create a more suitable learning environment for my students.  My students do enjoy taking the survey and giving me the feedback as it gives them a sense of ownership.  I try my best to make changes and to let my students know what I will be doing differently as a result of their feedback.  My students do know that I take the results seriously and that I want to hear from them.  I will admit it is nerve racking every time I look at the results as sometimes I am unsure of how my students will respond.  I remind myself that I want honest feedback so that I can improve. With this in mind I have a new motivation to make improvements to help my students.  I do not dwell on categories where I did not receive high scores but focus on an action plan to improve.  It is also nice to do well in a category to know that I am doing something right! Some of my students to give the sweetest comments that encourage me and brighten my day.  I will end with a few of may favorite comments from students:

“You just about the only math teacher I’ve ever had when I like to come to your class”

“I love you your the best math teacher Ive ever had! I really learn in your class! Ps. IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!”

“You always got my back!”

“You help me understand these ridiculous problems with things that I’m interested in!”

“Yeah those quizzes really make me think and use my own brain!”

“Keep doing what your doing we all love the way you teach”

“Idk about that cuz you be getting seriously lately about that stuff”

“Like have phone.”


“You keep it real or whatever but you cooly to me 👌😏👑🙌”

On my enthusiasm – “Hyper every morning ,omgoodness. !”


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